After many years assisting private households in the management of the employment relationship with their domestic workers, we have found that the following are the 7 most important things to have in place right from the start!

Ensure that you are aware of what the minimum rate is that a … Read More

I have again had a few questions from Private Households requesting the UIF Reference Number for their domestic workers, and I would like to use this opportunity to address the UIF Registration process, and the UIF Reference Number.

When you, as a private household, elects to employ a domestic worker … Read More

Should you register your domestic worker if they do not wish to be registered for UIF?
Sometimes an employer (Private Household) is confronted with a request from a a domestic worker not to be registered at the Dept of Labour for UIF (UIF Registration) and that no UIF Contributions must be … Read More

I have recently had a discussion with a lady who called me for advice regarding her domestic worker who wants to retire during this year, and who has now started “demanding” some form of compensation for 15 years of uninterrupted service. According to the employer, the domestic worker is basically … Read More